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March 2015
Please take time to read this newsletter as we have some important

changes ahead.

Operating Fees

Enclosed are invoices for operating fees covering the period 1 Feb 2015 to

31 July 2015.

Invoices are required to be paid within one calendar month of invoice date.  

Web Site

As previously advised the Mana Marina web site is up and running

You can find the web site under

The web site contains information on

·       Facilities

·       Rules & regulations

·       Berths for sale & rent

·       Latest news

·       Contact facility to Marina Manager via email

It also provides links to;

·       Mana Cruising Club

·       Metservice

·       Swellmap

We welcome any recommendations that may enhance our web site.

Future paper based newsletters

Please note that this is the last newsletter that will be printed and posted out. Now that the marina web site is in place we will regularly update the website with information to keep vessel owners/clients informed.

In need urgent advices will continue to be sent by email and letter and we will progressively try to get all of our clients onto our email delivery system for urgent correspondence.

Marina Staffing

With the increasing need to cover compliance requirements and keep a high level of service to our marina users we are increasing our marina staff from one to one and a half positions. Some of the existing maintenance work around the marina that is currently contracted out will now be handled internally.

We are pleased to advise that as from 16th March 2015 Neil Cornwell will be employed part time to support the Manager with compliance and maintenance duties.

The initial compliance focus will be on the following 3 requirements;

1. Where vessels are plugged into shore power and vessel is left unattended, the vessel has a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness displayed.

2. Vessels plugged into power have a current tagged certified lead. (Leads are certified for 1 year at a time)

3. Vessels have at minimum $5 million third party insurance. A copy of the Insurance Policy must be retained at the marina office.
We have done substantial work on straightening poles and replacing pile guides since the earthquakes August 2013. This work has now been completed.

We have commenced replacing the timber whalers on the T heads of C & D Pier. At the same time we will be replacing the galvanised rods with new glass fibre rods which have the advantage that they don’t corrode. The T heads at C & D Pier take the most of the wind and weather being exposed at the marina entrance.

The turning buoy that disappeared from the marina entrance has been replaced. At time of writing this newsletter the buoy is sitting closer into the marina (more to the east) but will shortly be moved further out (to the west) where the original buoy was situated.

In mid-March we will commence landscaping between D & E Piers with the removal of current vegetation.

J Barnes, Chairman

J Weir, Director

B Judge, Director

J Setter, Director

Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd
PO Box 54070 Mana
Phone +64 4 2330091