Compliance / Policy changes

 We advise that a review of the marina safe work practices has been completed to bring the marina into line with required safe work regulation and best practices.

When reviewing policy the Directors have balanced the need in meeting the required workplace safety regulations with the needs of boat owners.

Copies of our Marina Safe Work Practices and Contractors policy are attached to this newsletter and we request vessel owners to make themselves familiar with these policies.

If in doubt about these requirements please contact the marina Manager.

Notices for “Contractors” have been placed at Pier signs and a notice board has been erected on the outside wall of the marina office.

Vessel owners are to note that unless contractors working on vessels hold “Ships Repairers Liability Insurance” then it is unlikely the contractor will be covered by insurance for any damage caused to vessels and leading to damage to the marina

It is the responsibility of the vessel owners to ensure that the correct insurance is held by contractors they employ. Vessel owners would be leaving themselves open to liability for contractors they employ if the correct insurance cover is not held by the contractor.

Vessel Insurance

The Directors set a policy in 2013 that all vessels residing in the marina were to have a minimum of $five million third party insurance.

A compliance date of 1 October 2013 was set to provide vessel owners with sufficient time frame to check or arrange their insurance. Currently in the market we have been advised that there are insurance providers’ offering Marine Third Party Liability Insurance with an indemnity value of NZ five million at an annual cost of around $395. Vessel owners that have full insurance cover will have third party included in their policy.

A lot of vessel owners have not forwarded confirmation of insurance. Could owners please attend to this requirement as soon as possible.

Electrical Warrant of Fitness Marina and Vessels

We are pleased to advise that the marina has had completed the 5 year electrical warrant of fitness for the marina. It is important going forward that the marina complies with the electrical regulations and this also means compliance of vessels.

Thank you to those vessel owners who have recently had their vessels certified with an Electrical Warrant of Fitness or are in process of obtaining compliance and have kept the Manager informed.

We will continue to check all vessels that are unattended and connected to shore power and if they are not compliant then power will be disconnected.

It has been noted that a number of vessels have a current electrical warrant of fitness but the shore power lead is either not tagged or the annual tag has expired.

The marina has arranged an electrician who will test and tag the lead at a cost of $20 per lead. Please contact the Marina Office if you require to use this service.

Annual Review of Income Charges

The Directors have completed a review of income charges for the financial year 1st August 2014 to 31 July 2015.

 The following changes are effective from 1st August 2014.

All figures advised are GST inclusive.

Rental Rates per month

                                                            (New Rate)                  (Old Rate)

10 metre                                              $366                            $355

12 metre                                              $448                            $435

14 metre                                              $556                            $540

16 metre                                              $680                            $660

18 metre                                              $800                            $775

20 metre                                              $896                            $870

25 metre                                              $1170                          $1135

Casual berthage Rates          

                                                            (New Rate)                  (Old Rate)

10 metres to 12 metres                         $28 per day                 $25 per day

14 metres to 16 metres                         $34 per day                 $30 per day

18 metres plus                                     $40 per day                 $38 per day

The option of having meters with a rate plus power used has been withdrawn as existing meters are no longer compliant with the electrical regulations.    

Power Rates


Per month                                            (New Rate)                  (Old Rate)

                                                            $28                              $25   

Work around the marina

We have now completed re landscaping from the office north of the marina to the entrance. An irrigation system has also been installed.

We are currently having a new security system installed. This should be completed in the next two weeks. An additional camera will be installed at the southern end of the marina to cover the trailer park.

Maintenance work continues around the marina where the end T heads of C and  D Pier are being reconditioned and pile guides and pile straightening work continues.

Board of Directors

Jeff Barnes      Chairman

Bruce Judge     Director

John Weir        Director

Dave Squire     Director

Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd
PO Box 54070 Mana
Phone +64 4 2330091