Newsletter August 2017

Berth Owners – Operating Fees/Maintenance Fund Invoices

Berth owners will shortly be invoiced for the Operating Fees and Maintenance Fund for the 6 month period 1 August 2017 to 31 January 2018.

Rates Effective 1 August 2017

The Mana Marina Board has approved the following rates effective 1 August 2017 (Rates include GST and are fixed to 31/7/2018):

                                                          Standard/Long term Rental

Berth Size                                          $ per Month                                 Increase / Notes

10 Metre                                              $366                                                       n/c

12 Metre                                              $448                             (Last 2 months free if 12 month contract)

14 Metre                                              $556                                                       n/c

16 Metre                                              $735                                                      (+$20)

18 Metre                                              $865                                                      (+$49)

20 Metre                                              $970                                                      (+$56)

25 Metre                                              $1,268                                                   (+$75)

Casual/Short term Berth Rental

10 to 12 Metres                                   $30 per day                                            n/c

12 to 16 Metres                                   $36 per day                                            n/c

16 to 25 Metres                                   $45 per day                                            n/c

Liveaboard                                        $ per month                

One person                                         $200                                                      (+$10)

Two persons                                       $268                                                      (+$16)

Over two persons                               Negotiable

Boat Trailer Park*                             $ per month

Small (Up to 8m)                                $90                                                         (+$5)

Medium (8 to 10m)                             $112                                                       (+$7)

Large (Over 10m)                               $137                                                       (+$9)

* Boat Trailer Park length is measured from back of vessel on trailer to front of tow hitch

Power Reimbursement                     $30                                                         n/c

Electrical Compliance

WorkSafe New Zealand recently conducted an Energy Safety Audit of Mana Marina. The audit pointed out some safety issues we need to improve on. Please note:

  • You must have a current EWOF to plug into the marina power supply.
  • Turn the outlet off by tripping the test button at the pedestal before plugging in or unplugging.
  • Always ensure the plug is properly inserted and the locking ring is engaged.
  • Leads should:
      • be free to move with vessel movement.
      • not be coiled or kinked.
      • be suspended free of the water.
      • have a current test tag.

As Mana Marina is liable if it supplies electricity to vessels without a EWOF, we have no option but to disconnect vessels that do not comply. We also have an obligation to regularly check and update our records.


All vessels using the Marina need to supply the office with proof of third party insurance cover of at least $5 million.

  • Please inform the office (or ask your insurer to automatically email us) each time the policy is renewed so that the record is current.

Mooring Lines

Recent severe storms have reinforced the need for vessel owners to ensure their vessels are moored correctly within the marina. Please note the following:

  • Check The Mooring Line policy at
  • Check mooring lines regularly.
  • Remove shackles and other metal-to-metal fittings as this destroys the galvanised fittings.

Berth holder’s Responsibilities

Most of the berths in Mana Marina are privately owned. Berth owners are required to inform the office of the occupying vessel and vessel-owner details and arrival and departure dates when they rent out their berths.

Marina Car Park

There are fewer carparks than berths. This means there is pressure on parking spaces at times. The carpark is for berth occupant’s cars. Trailers and other vehicles should not be taking up car parking spaces.

George Saunders (Chairman), Bruce Judge, Clive Glover, Mike Quayle

Board of Directors Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd

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