Mooring Line Policy

This policy is based on ensuring vessels are secured safely to meet the weather conditions experienced at Mana Marina.

BOAT LENGTH                                  MINIMUM ROPE SIZE

10 METRE                                          14-16mm

12 METRE                                          16-18mm

14 METRE                                          18-20mm

18 METRE                                          20-22mm

20 METRES PLUS                             22-24 mm

Mooring lines including lines tied between Pier and outer pole should be non-floating preferably polyester, (under no circumstances is polypropylene or polythene permitted). Nylon rope may be permitted but owners need to take into account the added stretch inherent in nylon rope.

Lines should be spliced to attach to marina. We wish to eliminate shackles which create wear to galvanized components in the marina.

Vessels should apply spring lines, see attached diagram. Mana is a high wind area and bow and stern lines on their own are often insufficient.

No ropes are to be thrown across the main piers but can be left along the edge of the walkway. The use of “pickup or “high lines” is highly encouraged.

Vessels should be moored so that the vessel does not come into contact with the marina or adjacent vessel.

No vessel should extend over the pier or extend past the rear pole of the berth.

Mooring lines should not be shortened by the tying of knots as this reduces the strength of the line.


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