Mooring your vessel

This policy is based on ensuring vessels are secured safely to meet the weather conditions experienced at Mana Marina.

Rope type:

  • Mooring lines including lines tied between pier and outer pole should be non-floating preferably polyester.
  • Under no circumstances is polypropylene or polythene permitted.

  • Nylon rope is permitted, but owners should be aware of the inherent stretch of nylon rope.

Rope size:

Boat length                                                                      Minimum rope diameter 10m                                                                                     14-16mm 12m                                                                                     16-18mm 14m                                                                                     18-20mm 18m                                                                                     20-22mm
20m+                                                                                   22-24 mm

Attaching lines to Marina fittings:

  • Lines should be spliced to attach to Marina.

  • No metal-to-metal fittings as these destroy the galvanized components in the Marina. Shackles and metal eyes will be removed.

Mooring lines:

Vessels must be secured to remain within the berth confines in all weather conditions:

  • No vessel should extend over the pier or extend past the rear pole of the berth.

  • Vessels should not contact the Marina structure or adjacent vessel.

  • Use spring lines - see attached diagram. Mana is a high wind area and bow and stern lines on their own are often insufficient.

  • No ropes are to be thrown across the main piers but can be left along the edge of the walkway. The use of “pickup or “high lines” is highly encouraged.

  • Do not shorten by the tying knots. This reduces the strength of the line.


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