Live-aboard permit 

Mana Marina limits the number of people able to live aboard vessels in the Marina. Vessel owners may stay overnight on their vessels in Mana Marina on a casual basis, but any person seeking to live aboard a vessel in Mana Marina for a continuous and regular period, must gain Mana Marina approval by completing a Live-Aboard Permit Application

The following conditions apply to Live-Aboard Renters at Mana Marina:

  • Live-aboard fees are payable to Mana Marina for the power and other services provided.
  • Only applications made on the Mana Marina Live-aboard Permit Application will be accepted.
  • Permit applications must be signed by applicant and the berth owner (Licence Holder).
  • Vessels must be insured (minimum of $5m third party cover) and have Current EWOF
  • Live-aboard Status is only available to Vessel owners and/or immediate family.
  • Live-aboard Permits expire each year 31 July and must be approved annually by the Mana Marina Board.

Current Live-aboard Rates .(click the link to “Rates and Fees”)

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