Newsletter August 2018

Marina Management

The Interim Management Team operating since the loss of Peter Hart as Manager is continuing with the adjustment phase. The Board of Directors will report to you shortly concerning the new management structure and any changes.

Mana Marina Contact details:

Please note the contact details for Mana Marina:
Manager 027 233 0111            Email:
Office 04 233 0091
Postal Address Mana Marina, PO Box 54 070, Mana, Porirua 5247
Delivery address Mana Marina, 6A Pascoe Ave, Ngatitoa Domain, Mana, Porirua 5026

Berth Owners – Operating Fees/Maintenance Fund Invoices

Berth owners will shortly be invoiced for the Operating Fees and Maintenance Fund for the 6 month period beginning 1 August 2018. The Directors have held total Operating (Operating + Maintenance) charges at the same rate as the previous 6 month period. The following table shows Operating and Maintenance fees to be invoiced by berth size for the period 1/8/2018 to 31/1/2019:
Berth size        25              20            18           16           14           12            10           9
Incl. GST       $575           $460     $414.00    $368       $322        $276        $230     $207
Incl. GST       $517.50      $414     $372.60    $331.20  $289.80   $248.40   $207     $186.30
Incl. GST       $1,092.50   $874     $786.60    $699.20  $611.80   $524.40    $437    $393.30

Licence (Berth) Holder’s Responsibilities

Licence holders are responsible for the costs incurred to Mana Marina (Paremata) for their berth. It is very important therefore that berth owners know who is using their berth and inform the Marina office of the occupying vessel and vessel-owner details and arrival and departure dates.
Please note that from 1 August 2018, Licence holders must co-sign any Live-aboard Permit Application to confirm they are aware that the Berth Occupant intends to live on the vessel renting the berth.

Live-Aboard Permits

Mana Marina limits the number of people able to live–aboard vessels in the Marina. Any person seeking to live aboard a vessel, must gain Mana Marina approval by completing a Live-Aboard Permit Application.

The following conditions apply to Live-Aboard Renters at Mana Marina

o Live-aboard fees are payable to Mana Marina for the power and other services provided.
o Only applications made on the Mana Marina Live-aboard Permit Application will be accepted.
o Permit applications must be signed by applicant and the berth (Licence) Holder.
o Vessels must be insured (minimum of $5m third party cover) and have Current EWOF
o Live-aboard Status is only available to Vessel owners and/or immediate family.
o Live-aboard Permits expire each year 31 July and must be approved annually by the Mana Marina Board.

Marina Carpark

There are less carparks than berths in the Marina carpark so there can be pressure to find spaces.
o Only park vehicles in the car park (boats on trailers go in the designated Boat Trailer Park).
o Please don’t park trailers in the carpark.
o Disability Parks: Please keep these free for vehicles displaying Disability Parking Permit.

Vessel Compliance

Insurance: All vessels using the Marina need to supply the office with proof of third party insurance cover of at least $5 million. Please inform the office (or ask your insurer to automatically email us) each time the policy is renewed so that the record is current.

EWOFs: Vessels connected to power require a valid EWOF. The Marina disconnects vessels not complying.

Berth Rental, Boat Trailer Park and Live-aboard Rates Effective 1 August 2018

The Mana Marina Board has agreed to hold all Berth and Boat Trailer Rental and Live–aboard Charges to the same rates as last year. The year contract discount scheme for 12 m berths is discontinued.

The following rates are effective 1 August 2018 (Rates include GST and are fixed to 31/7/2019):

Standard/Long-Term Berth Rental
Berth size                           Month Rate ($/month)
10 metre                                  $366
12 metre                                  $448
14 metre                                  $556
16 metre                                  $735
18 metre                                  $865
20 metre                                  $970
25 metre                                  $1,268

Casual/Short-Term Berth Rental
Berth size                            Day Rate
10 to 12 metres                        $30
over 12 to 16 metres                $36
over 16 to 25 metres                $45

Live-aboard Fees – Live-aboard is by Annual Permit only
Number of Persons Living on Vessel Month rate
One person                               $200
Two persons                             $268
Over two negotiable

Boat Trailer Park

*”Boat length” for Trailer Park length is measured from extreme back of vessel on trailer to front of tow hitch
Park size*                                                        Month rate
Small (Up to 8 m)                                                 $90
Medium (8 to 10 m)                                              $112
Large Over (10 m)                                                $137
Power Charges
Power charged per month to vessels connected $30

    George Saunders (Chairman), Bruce Judge, Clive Glover, Mike Quayle

    Board of Directors Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd

    Mana Marina Ltd
    PO Box 54070 Mana
    Phone +64 4 2330091
    Manager 027 2330111